Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question? Here are some common questions we receive.
Q: Do you reupholster furniture?

A: We offer some upholstery services, however we limit our upholstery work to work that doesn't
require sewing. So if you have a dining room chair that you'd like to have re-covered, that is right up
our alley. If you are looking to have your favorite recliner reupholstered, that is probably best left to
the guys that specialize in upholstery. We'd be happy to refer you to the upholstery companys that we
regularly work with. We are confident that you will be happy with the results.

Q: Do you strip and refinish furniture?

A: Yes we do. We utilize a recirculating strip system with industrial strength chemicals that will cut
through just about any finish or paint you can put in front of it.

Q: What do you charge for pick up and delivery?

A: Our pick up and delivery charges are typically built-in to the cost of the repair rather than a line
item on a proposal. Typical pick up/delivery charges are about $25 for an average piece of furniture
located within 20 miles of the 78413 zip code. Large pieces and those located farther away increase
that cost a little bit.

Q: How long should I let my new finish stand before using it?

A: Your furniture with its new finish is ready for LIGHT use when it is delivered to your home.
However, the finish continues to go through a curing process for as much as 21 days after it is initially
applied. So additional care must be taken with a newly finished piece of furniture for the first 3 to 4
weeks. We can provide a list of do's and don'ts with each piece of furniture upon request.

Q: I have a wobbly chair, can you fix that?

A: Wobbly, loose, squeaky chairs are very common. We offer a chair re-gluing service that includes
disassembling the chair, cleaning all the joints, and reassembling the chair with flesh glue at all
connection points. We also address minor touch-ups at the same time. A typical chair can be re-glued
for $75.

Q: Can I drop my furniture off at your shop?

A: Certainly! We are primarily a mobile operation, so we don't have a formal storefront for walk-in
customers. However, if you'd prefer to bring your piece by and see our operation you are welcome to.
Just give us a call to schedule a time as we may be out in the field with another customer.