Most claims usually have one thing in common. Your customers want to return to their
normal life, free of the inconveniences that may have resulted from a fire, flood, or
vandalism. CC Furniture Works provides inspections that you need to process the claim and
the repair services your customer needs to restore their furnishings. Our goal is satisfying
all our customers with professional service and quality results.

What You Can Expect From Us

Prompt Response

On the initial call, on the report, and on the repair

Variety of Services

More than just furniture, we also work on doors, millwork, paneling, cabinets and wood flooring

Detailed Reporting

Complete, concise reports with photographs, identification of pre-existing damage, and repair
cost vs replacement cost analysis. We are told our reports are among the best in the business.
Take a look at a sample report:

Sample Inspection Report


Uniformed technicians and inspectors that are experiences in dealing firsthand with the

Insurance Companies
CC Furniture Works is happy to offer inspection and repair services for a number of moving
damage claims. We are familiar with the unique circumstances that working with moving
companies entails.

We are also members of the Claims Prevention and Procedure Council (CPPC). We have
been told we are the only member south of San Antonio! You can visit them at

Moving Companies
Please direct all moving and insurance related inquiries to our inspections department at: